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VICOSYSTEMS, producers of high-tech and innovative ICT and Business Intelligence solutions. We were founded in March 2010, by experts in the fields of technology transfer, information engineering, and digital technology marketing.

Our team was built over time, by forming specific professional roles and through the involvement of professionals, who have matured high level expertise in the field throughout the years by realizing important ICT solutions and infrastructures.


VICOSYSTEMS’ team, handles customer relations with special care and attention, offering excellent support in all post sale stages, from forming your team in the configuration of a product, to installation and to first and second tier assistance.


VICOSYSTEMS is named after Vico (Ludovico 1915-2008), Captain of the Italian Army during WWII. A noble soul and a person of great intellect who taught us on loving truth and to always smile, even in the toughest moments. Never forget the people who jeopardized their lives and often lost it, for the future and freedom of their country.


VICOSYSTEMS, designs and manufactures equipment and software solutions in the field of telecommunications and networking. VICOSYSTEMS, thanks to continuous investments in research and development, is today a leader in Smart IP Communication Systems. The application context is mainly that of VoIP systems (Voice over IP), UCC systems (Unified Communications & Collaboration) and IoT (Internet of Things), reference markets in strong expansion in recent years due to the greater emergence of needs related to the spread of Smart Working, the Smart Home, the Collaborative Office, but also the Office and Building Automation.

Sensitive to the themes of innovation, VICOSYSTEMS favors ease of use and configuration, thanks to the contextual guides in Italian and multilingual, the small size and low energy consumption of the devices, the excellent value for money. 


VICOSYSTEMS designs and creates technologies and software solutions in the telecommunications and networking sectors.


Thanks to continuous investments in R&D, VICOSYSTEMS is now leading the way in Smart IP Communication Systems.


Our applications are focused on VoIP (Voice over IP) systems, UCC (Unified Communications & Collaboration) systems, and the IoT (InterneT of Things) world. All markets that in recent years have benefited of strong drivers of expansion, especially the diffusion of needs related to Smart Working, Smart Home, Collaborative Office, but also of BuiLding and Office Automation.

Sensitive to the theme of innovation, VICOSYSTEMS endorses ease of use and configuration, through the contextual guides available in Italian and multi-language, the hardware’s small size and low energy consumption, and an excellent price to quality convenience.


We promise to always remain on the side of our business and technological partners, by offering professionalism and quickness, guaranteeing our products’ quality standards in terms of efficiency and reliability.


Our success depends on the trust we build with our partners, by knowing that their growth is our growth and vice versa, respecting the roles and providing maximum technical and human support. Among the guiding values we refer to, passion, humility, determination, coherence and organizational ethics, are those dearest to us.