VICOSYSTEMS’ has tree product lines on the market, branded as X-Voice: VoIP telephone exchanges, intercom gateways / GSM / UMTS VoIP, IoT (Internet of Things) devices. The reference product is the business communication IP system that integrates traditional features offered by telephone switchboards with the new VoIP telephony and Unified Communications services (multi-site telephony and audio conferencing, click & call, video-communication, SMS and fax manager, chat, webcall, video surveillance,
video-intercom integration and GSM / UMTS IP gateways, etc.).

The X-Voice IP PBX system is accessible via a tablet or smartphone. Thanks to an innovative web control interface, companies can save time, reduce costs and increase productivity. The X-Voice platform has reached full maturity thanks to continuous R&D investments. X-Voice allows you monitor and manage all corporate communication services from the web, even through the use of mobile devices wherever the you are.

More recently, VICOSYSTEMS has extended its product portfolio with the new line of GSM / UMTS IP gateways, with the IP Gateway line integrating 5-wired(4+n) intercoms with the IP world and, finally, with a brand new line of products designed for the IoT world. A market directed for rapid growth in the next few years. The particularity of these products regards the simplicity of use and configuration, thanks to the contextual guides in Italian, and excellent value for your money.


X-Voice has many strengths, among which are: several innovative features, costs significantly lower than the competition, the ability to customize and scale the product -even in subsequent stages- to meet specific customer needs, qualified support during all stages (customer inspection, installation, service and maintenance)


VICOSYSTEMS continually innovates its product catalog, designing and creating new solutions characterized by a particular care for reliability and ease of use.

The X-Voice solutions address these main areas of application:

  • Communication systems

  • Networking

  • Telematics

  • Home Automation

  • Robotics

  • Avionics

  • Automotive industry

  • Biomedicine

  • Surveillance

  • Telemetry

  • Industrial Monitoring

  • Wireless sensor networks

  • Smart Grid & Smart City

  • Embedded Systems

  • IT Systems